Warga Kampung Batu Terus Mengucapkan Terima Kasih Saat Menerima Kunjungan Tim SAR dan CSR dari PT Timah Tbk.

Hebatriau.com, BANGKA – Harli (43), a resident of Lingkungan Kampung Batu, Sri Menanti Village, Sungailiat District, was endlessly grateful for the visit of the CSR team from PT Timah Tbk on Thursday afternoon (20/4/2023). Two days before Eid al-Fitr 1444 Hijriah, the CSR team from PT Timah Tbk visited Harli’s house to deliver medical assistance for his eldest son, Irsyad Ramadhan.

Irsyad Ramadhan (14) is a Special School Student from Sungailiat who suffers from paralysis. The child went viral and touched the hearts of the community some time ago with his limited abilities and determination to go to school.

“Alhamdulillah. Thank you very much for the assistance. I will use this money for medical treatment and to meet our daily needs during Ramadan,” said Harli.

Since becoming a victim of layoffs, Harli, who is a single parent to Ramadhan, has had to work as a garage labourer to meet the needs of his two children.

“Back when I was still working at PT, there was health insurance through BPJS. So at that time, Ramadhan was still being taken for therapy at the hospital. Since the company closed and BPJS was not continued, I have only been able to bring Ramadhan for alternative treatments,” Harli explained.

Harli expressed gratitude for the help from PT Timah, who cares about Ramadhan’s recovery. Ramadhan, who will be entering Senior High School (SMA) this year, is a diligent student who learns with all his limitations.

“I take him to school on a motorcycle. Ramadhan can no longer use a wheelchair because both of his legs are stiff and attached to his thighs. So I have to take him back and forth to school on the motorcycle. He has never repeated a grade. He is eager to go to school, which is why I have to work hard to meet his needs,” said the father of two.

That afternoon, Ramadhan was not at home. According to Harli, Ramadhan and his younger sibling were at their grandmother’s house that day.

“Ramadhan is at his grandma’s house. He will be picked up after breaking the fast tonight,” he said.*jh/bnb

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