Polresta Pekanbaru mengadakan kesiapsiagaan untuk mengantisipasi bencana Karhutla pada tahun 2023.

Pekanbaru – Polresta Pekanbaru held a disaster preparedness drill for forest and land fires in 2023. This activity was held in front of the Mapolresta Pekanbaru building on Jenderal A. Yani Street on Wednesday (March 15, 2023) at 08.00 WIB.
The drill was led by the Chief of Polresta Pekanbaru, Kombes Pria Budi, accompanied by the Deputy of Polresta Pekanbaru, AKBP Henky Poerwanto, and attended by the PJU and police chiefs in the Polresta Pekanbaru ranks.
In addition, the disaster preparedness drill was attended by the Forkopimda of Pekanbaru City which consisted of the Secretary of Pekanbaru City, Dandim 0301 of Pekanbaru City (or representative), Head of Basarnas of Pekanbaru City (or representative), Head of BMKG of Pekanbaru City, Head of Damkar of Pekanbaru City (or representative), Head of BPBD of Pekanbaru City (or representative), Head of Satpol PP of Pekanbaru City, the PJU of Polresta Pekanbaru, and police chiefs in the Polresta Pekanbaru ranks.
In his direction, Kombes Pria Budi advised his subordinates to prepare themselves as best as possible to tackle tasks in the field. “Empower all components of society to strengthen synergy between related agencies in operational tasks in the field. Conduct community development and socialization about not conducting burning during land clearing,” he said.
Furthermore, Kombes Pria Budi asked his subordinates to remain professional and proportional, and always pay attention to norms and ethics so that we can create a conducive atmosphere in Pekanbaru City. “Provide clear ‘APP’ to members who will be on duty in the field, so that they know what to do, coordinate, and be responsible to whom,” he explained.
Kombes Pria Budi also advised his subordinates to plan their actions properly in accordance with standard operating procedures and directed coordination and communication between functions as well as related institutions and society.
After the drill, the Pekanbaru Police Chief and police chiefs of sub-districts as well as Forkopimda of Pekanbaru City continued the event with the signing of the declaration of Riau Smoke-free in 2023.

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