Kapolsek Payung Sekaki Pekanbaru Tanggap Terhadap Instruksi Cepat dari Kapolda Riau Irjen Pol Moh. Iqbal

Pekanbaru – Kapolsek Payung Sekaki AKP Nursyafniati Polresta Pekanbaru quickly responded to the orders of the Riau Regional Police Chief Irjen Pol Moh. Iqbal, SIK, MH during a recent field operational event in Pelalawan regarding the increasing number of crimes involving theft, burglary, and motorbike theft (C3). AKP Nursyafniati installed warning banners for motorcycle theft before the holy month of Ramadan in the area of Polsek Payung Sekaki, Pekanbaru city, on Friday March 09, 2023.

Warning banners were installed in six villages under Polsek Payung Sekaki’s jurisdiction, namely Labu Baru Barat, Bandaraya, Tirta Siak, Tampan, Labu Baru Timur and Air Hitam.

AKP Nursyafniati, in front of the media, stated that she followed the orders of the Riau Regional Police Chief, Irjen Moh. Iqbal, SIK, MH through the Pekanbaru Police Chief Kombes Pol DR. Pria Budi, SH, MH, and has instructed her personnel to take preventive measures, including posting warning banners in areas where crime is likely to occur.

“We have posted banners in public areas that are easily visible to the community, such as places of worship, shopping malls, traditional markets, residential areas, and boarding houses,” explained AKP Nursyafniati on Friday March 10, 2023.

Furthermore, the Payung Sekaki Police Chief urged the community to be more cautious to prevent motorcycle theft.

“We urge residents to always stay vigilant in our respective surroundings to prevent criminal acts and create a conducive security environment,” closed AKP Nursyafniati. *jh/bnb.

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