DLHK Riau dan Unri bekerja sama dalam mengadakan rapat koordinasi Regional Planing Development for Sustainable Areas (RPDAS) di Gangsal Reteh dengan mengundang beberapa ahli.

PEKANBARU – Dinas Lingkungan Hidup dan Kehutanan Provinsi Riau recently conducted a coordination meeting for the preparation of the River Basin Management Plan for Gangsal Reteh in Pekanbaru, Riau on Monday (20/3/2023).

The head of DLHK Riau, Mamun Murod stated that Riau Province has sufficient legal provisions starting from the Law, Government Regulation, Regional Regulation, and even Governor Regulation of Riau Number 29 of 2018 concerning Guidelines for the Implementation of Riau Regional Regulation Number 9 of 2014 concerning River Basin Management.

“The main concern in the Governor Regulation is the preparation of the River Basin Management Plan (RPDAS) in accordance with its authority. Through Riau Provincial Budget 2023, DLHK will prepare the Gangsal Reteh RPDAS document. The preparation involves Experts from University of Riau,” said Murod.

The legal basis for the preparation of RPDAS is the Minister of Forestry Regulation Number P.60 / Menhut-II / 2013 concerning the Procedure for the Preparation and Determination of River Basin Management Plan.

In principle, the preparation and determination of RPDAS are carried out in their entirety from upstream, middle, downstream and integrated as one ecosystem unit. That is in one plan and management system involving stakeholders, coordinated, comprehensive and sustainable.

Then, adapted to dynamic social-economic changes and watershed characteristics, the distribution of tasks, functions, cost burdens and benefits between stakeholders is done fairly, accountable and transparent and involves multi-disciplinary sciences.

Meanwhile, the benefits of the preparation and determination of the River Basin Management Plan include becoming a reference, input and consideration for sectoral development plans to prepare more detailed programs and activities in the watershed. It also becomes one of the inputs and considerations for provincial and district/city governments in preparing Long-Term Development Plans (RPJP), Medium-Term Development Plans (RPJM), and Regional Government Activity Plans (RKPD).

“This is also as an instrument to achieve goals systematically and a responsibility instrument for natural resource managers,” he added.

Murod hopes that those who will be part of the Riau Province RPDAS Preparation Team assisted by experts from the University of Riau can contribute by providing the necessary data and information.

He also hopes that the experts from the university can make maximum contributions in collecting data, analyzing and formulating recommendations.

“So that the RPDAS document prepared for both restored and supported watershed meets the expectations of all parties. Also, the resulting document can be a reference for all of us in managing the Gangsal watershed,” Murod hoped. (Harga.me/bts).

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